Nov 10, 2013

One of the biggest steps in preparing to run a race for me is getting my music ready. I like to really think about how I pace myself throughout and divide my playlist into: steady ramp up, zone-out, and what I like to call: 'bring my ass to the finish' sections.

Music is such a personal thing, and I'm sure my taste and preferences are probably way random, but I always appreciate finding new tunes from fellow friends and runners, and am happy to share what keeps me motivated. The genres for this last race were quite varied- from pop/remixes, latin hip-hop, arabic, new age, and rap.

My race this weekend was a success. I'm a bit bugged I didn't get right behind the sub 2hour pacer at the start, instead of starting in the back of the pack like I always do, but I still finished strong with a time of 2:08. I didn't work on speed training at all for it, but I am definitely motivated and am finally ready to get the last of this weight off, get stronger, and start to focus on shaving minutes of my times. I'll be hitting the gym hard this winter, with hopes to start training for another race in the spring.

Click HERE for the free download, and I hope you enjoy! xx

(Note: the playlist isn't in the order I used, but you can order/supplement them with your own stuff)


  1. Ooh! You have great taste! I was surprised to see that I already had several of the songs you included.

    These are a few that I'm currently obsessed with. You should check them out if you haven't already:

    Until the End - Dirty Joe & Joe Gil
    Pompeii (Kat Krazy remix) - Bastille
    You Make Me - Avicii
    Hourglass - Zedd
    Harlem - New Politics
    Let Go - RAC
    Goodbye (Glenn's Big Beat Mix) - Glenn Morrison

    Oh, and I really love cooling down to this song:
    Maso Luso - The Very Best & Seye

    Best of luck with your ongoing training!

  2. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. You look amazing! That smile says it all.


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