Sep 9, 2013
Hello! It's midweek for those of us who start our workweek on Sunday, and so far, it's been full of hard to believe stuff for our family, both good and bad. Having a crew of 5 means, it's never a dull day!

I am thrilled to share with you another post from my Love Where You Live series. Next up, is a new friend, Nicki Storey, a hair and makeup artist, living in Positano. She reached out, and I'm so glad she did. What an incredible place to live!! If you're interested in contributing to this series, please e-mail me at with the subject line, Love Where You Live.

Fifteen years ago I decided to spend the summer in Positano, Italy. I wanted to learn the language and I thought I would return to London at the end of the season, but I was having way too much fun to leave. A while later I met Carlo and after a couple of years our daughter Skye was born and then I realized I was here to stay.
Positano is a small village perched precariously on the mountainside of the Amalfi Coast. Years ago it was a sleepy fishing village but slowly tourism has taken over, although I don't think much of the original charm has been lost. You can still sit on the pier watching the fishermen bring in the days catch and we often enjoy sitting there with friends as the sun goes down, sharing a pizza and watching the boats come and go.
One of our favourite things to do is explore the coastline by kayak. We used to take Skye along, balanced on top of one of our yellow kayaks but in the last couple of years she has grown and now has her own little canoe. We often paddle along the coast, stopping to swim in translucent bays and caves with magical blue water.         
We recently moved from a rented apartment in the centre of town to a property owned by Carlos family. Most people are shocked when we tell them that there are 465 steps down to our house from road level, but it is so beautiful there that it makes the climb worthwhile.
Our house is set in a valley, surrounded by olive groves. We have gardens around the house but in typical Italian style the land is solely used for growing food to provide for the family. This summer I have been constantly amazed by the amount of vegetables and fruit our garden has provided. I've started challenging myself to create meals using as much homegrown produce as possible.

In the early evenings Skye and I enjoy taking the dog (and cat who tags along too) for a walk out of the valley into the olive groves overlooking the sea. We sit there, under an old carob tree watching the animals play and admiring the view. It feels like paradise after a day on the busy beach.

I am a make up artist and the Amalfi Coast is a big wedding destination in the summer. I love the fact that I often get to see inside the big old hotels and villas where the brides stay. The Italian architecture and design can be absolutely breathtaking.

In Italy food is very important! We love eating out and also now that we have the space, inviting friends over for dinner at our place. In the summer we often have lunch at little beach bars which you can find all along the coast, Fresh fish, mozzarella grilled on lemon leaves and big fresh salads are some of our favourites.
When the season is over on Sundays all the family get together at Nonnas house for a big lunch. (Carlo is one of 5 brothers, all with families, so it can get quite hectic!) It's tradition to stop at the local bar and pick up a tray of delicious pastries to take for dessert.
I never planned to live in Italy but I am glad it happened. I never tire of the amazing views and I am always reminding myself that if I was in London I wouldn't be able to go sea kayaking in my lunchbreak!

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  1. How incredible. Who WOULDN'T want to live in Italy??? It looks like a lifestyle I wouldn't mind diving into :)

    And Kera, I made your Chicken Tika Masala using your recipe a few weeks back. It was divine, so thank you!

  2. What a great series!

    I imagine being amazed every day but the stunning scenery if living in Positano!

  3. What is there NOT to love about Positano ,, ok the tourist season , but even I could put up with them . An incredible place to live ..The views, the hills , the food , and the fact that you now live in a wonderful house. Great story Nicki.

  4. Beautiful! I am Italian living in Spain and this last summer I visited the Costiera Amalfitana with my English husband and for both of us it was an incredible experience. Really beautiful breathtaking views, some of the best food you can find in Italy and alway the personality of the people from the Campania region is a mix of warm, hospitality and chaos all together. Loved your story :)


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