Jul 23, 2013
Ok guys, this is turning out to be such a fun series!! It's been such a treat to see where some of you live, and I hope you're enjoying it too. 

Next up, is Robin, from Ladle of Love. Her blog name is cute, but it doesn't even come close to how cute her family is. :) Robin and I have a long history of internet love going on, and blogging wouldn't be as fun without her! I love her to death, and can't wait to finally eat Doritos together one day. Here's her little tour of Boca Raton, FL. xx

p.s. If you're interested in contributing to this series, please email me at kera(dot)thompson(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line, Love Where You Live.

we moved to boca raton, florida exactly three years ago. let me tell you, moving to florida in the middle of july after a utopian grad school experience in upstate new york is depressing. i hated it with all my might. but over the years i started to "get used to it", and then it was more like, "i think i like it", and then it was "i like it", until just the other day when i told my husband, "i can't see us living anywhere else." boca raton truly is beautiful and a lovely city. i can say now that i love it!
the thing i love most about boca are the parks. we have some of the best state, county, and public parks that i have ever seen. and then there's the beaches. boca has beautiful beaches! we have ventured out to other beaches (miami, the keys) but honestly, we wonder why we even ever go anywhere else. the beaches here are perfect and two miles from our house. when we first got here i wasn't able to go to the beach by myself with the kids (my youngest was just months old), but now that the kids are older i am able to go with them by myself and this has greatly improved my opinion of the beach (i used to HATE it.)

my favorite thing to do is to drive around and look at the houses and neighborhoods... but my kids are slightly less enthusiastic about my house obsession. boca doesn't have charming little cottage neighborhoods like i love, but what we lack in cottages it makes up for in beachfront mansions. (oh, and the cars you see driving around boca! i never get tired of pulling up next to a rolls or maserati.)

boca (and surrounding area) also has excellent nature reserves and wetlands. we love taking the kids and walking on the boardwalks and seeing all the birds, turtles, and alligators. (yes! alligators!)

here are some of my favorites:

nature parks:gumbo limbo
wakodahatchee wetlands
daggerwing park

our favorite parks:
sugar sand park
spanish river beach
patch reef
south inlet beach

date night or girls' nights:
DaDa's (in delray beach)
rocco's tacos
seasons 52

favorite family dining:
corner bakery cafe
shake shack
thanks, kera, for letting me share a little piece of soflo with you... 

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  1. thanks, kera! i had a lot of fun doing this for you. wahoo boca!

  2. Hi its Katie Rogers :) im in the grove hair studio in pineapple grove call or text me if you want to come by. Positive upbeat environment with room to grow :) 5613507988


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